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counting-house, getting down at last to such
fundamental questions as " What is money ??>
and " Why are Banks ? " It is disconcerting
but stimulating to find that no lucid answer is
One might have imagined that long before
this one of the many great bankers and financial
experts in our world would have come forward
with a clear and simple justification for the mone-
tary practices of to-day. He would have showi^
how completely reasonable and trustworthy this!
money-credit system was- He would have showni
what was temporarily wrong with it and how to
set it working again, as the electrician does when
the lights go out. He would have released us
from our deepening distress about our money
in the Bank, our little squirrel hoard of securities,
the deflating lifebelt of property that was to
assure our independence to the end. No one of
that quality comes forward. There is not so
much as a latter-day Bagehot. It dawns upon
more and more of us that it is not a system at
all and never has been a system, that it is an
accumulation of convention              collateral
developments   and   compensatory   csqpedfepii*
which creaks now and sways more aiad more
gives every sign of a complete ancl
social collapse.